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Greetings from Janette Duran, Conference Chair

[Video description: The video opens with Council de Manos' 5th Biennial National Conference 2017 logo. The logo is on the left side of the screen; a single California poppy leans to the right with its green leaves and stem following. The poppy is gradient orange. The poppy's roots is represented by a hand with roots extending into the ground. The hand's skincolor is light brown with slight gradient green where the poppy's stems meet the hand. To represent the theme of Breaking Barriers the California poppy breaks through a gradient grey concrete with pieces of the concrete in the air.  The screen pans back to show the entire logo showing three California poppies and two hands holding beneath the broken concrete. Roots extended from the clasped hands outwards. The video includes an introduction to the Marina Del Ray hotel in Los Angeles. Various rooms, outdoor spaces, game room, swimming pool and rooftops are shown through the video. Janette Duran, the conference chair, is wearing a black three quarter sleeve loose shirt. The sleeves are cuffed up and buttoned. Janette has dark colored curly hair slightly longer than shoulder length. She has silver toned bracelets on both wrists.]

Hello! My name is Janette Duran and I am the Conference Chair. I am here at  Marina del Rey in Los Angeles, Califorina. It’s a beautiful day today!

California Manos del Corazón is honored to host the 5th Biennial National Conference on October 26 to 28, 2017.

Breaking Barriers is our conference theme, there is no better way to honor our Latinx communities than by breaking down the social, political and economic barriers that have created such alarming inequalities for us.  

We look forward to offer a rich array of workshops including professional development, networking opportunities, leadership mentoring, and personal discovery. Join us at the conference and together we will learn how break down barriers!

For more information please check out our conference website, we will be posting ongoing updates. Now is a great time to start planning your attendance to our conference. We are excited and looking forward to seeing you!

[Image description of the Council de Manos logo: Open palm hand-print in red (centered left). On the palm of the hand is the "circle of life" (spiral) symbol.]


Visit the official homepage of Council de Manos.



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